General Questions

Eyelash extensions have come a long way over the years, they are now a must have treatment for ladies across the board from the teenagers, mummies and grannies! For the younger generations may want bold statement lashes for us more mature ladies wanting to wake up glam with hassle free mornings, taking years off our age!

Your eyes will be framed
Opens up your eyes
Longer, thicker, fuller, fluffier, curlier lashes
No need for mascara
No panda eyes
Cuts down makeup time
Look and feel younger
Great for everyday, holidays, weddings or special occasions

I am always asked ‘how long will my lashes last? Unfortunately I don’t have a definitive answer for you, however I can tell you my clients come for infills between 2 – 5 weeks.  The lifespan of your extensions will depend on wear and tear, lifestyle, natural lashes, skin type, etc. All of these factors will affect how quickly you shed your natural lashes and the extensions.

Glue remover is applied dissolving the glue, releasing the lashes easily. DO NOT pick or twist your lashes as this can damage natural lashes.

If you would like to keep having fabulous lashes infills top up the spaces left from shedding lashes, infill times do vary from 2 to 6 weeks. Infill times also vary from 45 mins to 90 mins.

You will be asked not to wear mascara to you appointment. We will discuss what look you want to achieve taking a look at your natural lashes. Lashes are cleaned and primed and lash pads are placed on your bottom lashes for protection, this can feel slightly odd however not painful or uncomfortable. Lashes are brushed. Tweezers are used to isolate a single natural lash then selecting extension(s),  coated with glue and applied.

You will be asked not to wear mascara to you appointment. The right size silicon shield will be placed on your eyelids where the lashes will be lifted up to. The process has four stages perm, neutralizer, conditioner and tint. This is a 45 minute process and will last for up to 8 weeks. This treatment creates a curve in your natural lashes. Mascara can be worn.